Healthcare Consulting

Exec3 Corporation



Our Executive Healthcare Consultants are healthcare professionals with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare arena. This division was created in an effort to assist healthcare organizations in meeting demands placed upon them by regulatory agencies, evidence-based practice changes and increased training requirements. Our team of consultants are ready to provide a vast variety of services.


Emergency Management Training

One of the main areas for the Exec3 Healthcare Consulting Team is Emergency Management Training. We assist healthcare organizations with all aspects of emergency management, disaster preparation, training and equipment tracking and program evaluation.


Security Consulting and Training

Exec3 Consulting and Training Services offers classes and specialized training for individuals in security sectors. We specialize in security risk and threat assessments. In addition, we provide services for individuals traveling abroad to include, research, reporting and monitoring of potential threatning conditions.








Specialized Training/Hands-On ClassesExec3 Corporation

  1. American Heart CPR First Aid/AED Classes
  2. Non-Violent/Intervention Classes ("TACT")/ Self Defense
  3. Work Place Violence Prevention/Management
  4. Emergency Management/Response/Drills/Table Top Exercises

* Exec3 Corporation, LLC Health Care Consulting Services will provide information about costs and fees on requests. Customized packages and corporate subscription services are available.